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In 2008, Colorado wheat growers initiated a novel trait development project with Colorado State University. The goal: Develop a herbicide-tolerance trait that would help control tough annual grassy weeds delivered with the superior performance and yields of leading wheat varieties. The challenge was to create a system that would enhance profitability of wheat growers in Colorado and around the globe.

In June of 2015, three major agricultural organizations came together to change the way farmers produce wheat. Together they created a simple, cost-effective production system that combines elite wheat varieties from the world’s best breeding programs, a patented non-GMO herbicide-tolerance trait and a new post-emergent ACCase grass herbicide that is robust and long lasting through its industry-leading stewardship program.

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Colorado Wheat Research Foundation (CWRF) owns the patented AXigen trait invented at Colorado State University. CWRF enforces patent compliance and markets this novel trait in Colorado State University-developed varieties.

Albaugh, LLC, is a private, U.S.-owned global crop protection manufacturer and the exclusive provider of Aggressor AX herbicides for the CoAXium Wheat Production System around the globe. Albaugh engages its distribution channel partners in the education, delivery and performance of Aggressor AX herbicides to the farm gate

Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS) manages the stewardship of the Axigen trait, and introgresses the AXigen trait into a range of different genetic backgrounds to bring new CoAXium varieties to market. LCS also licenses the AXigen trait and provides donor lines to interested breeding partners worldwide

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