Kivari AX

Hard Red
Released in 2020, Kivari AX is the newest CoAXium® variety in the PlainsGold lineup with slightly later maturity compared to Crescent AX. Kivari AX offers improved yield performance with very good spring frost and drought tolerance. Kivari AX has good test weight, good tolerance to lower pH, and wheat curl mite resistance. Due to its weaker straw in high moisture environments, it is recommended to be planted on dryland acres only. Certified Seed Only, no saved seed allowed. Stewardship Agreement required.


Drought Tolerance
Milling Quality
Baking Quality
Straw Strength
Test Weight

Rating Scale

Pest & Disease Profile

Wheat Streak Mosaic
Stripe Rust
Leaf Rust

Rating Scale

Management Notes

  • Feral rye: 15 gal water, 1% MSO/vol, 10-12 oz/ac Aggressor®
  • Cheatgrass: 10-15 gal water, NIS or MSO, 8-10 oz/ac Aggressor®
  • Jointed Goatgrass: 15 gal water, 1% MSO/vol, 12 oz/ac Aggressor®

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