PlainsGold Releases Six New Wheat Varieties

August 8, 2018 –PlainsGold is excited to announce the release of six new wheat varieties as Foundation seed for planting this fall by PlainsGold Participating Seed Growers.  These varieties were developed under the direction of Dr. Scott Haley in the Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program at Colorado State University.  Ownership has been transferred to Colorado Wheat Research Foundation, and the varieties will be marketed under the PlainsGold brand.  More information will follow at, and can also be found in the Making Better Decisions book published by CSU Crops Testing.

Official Name (EXP #)

Canvas (CO12D1770) is a high yielding hard red winter wheat with medium maturity, medium short, with strong straw, and very good stripe and stem rust resistance. It also has very good WSMV and soilborne resistance, with excellent test weight and milling/baking quality.

Snowmass 2.0 (CO13D1299) is a new hard white winter wheat exclusive to Ardent Mills delivery with grain premiums. It has excellent milling and baking quality and very good test weight. It is high yielding (similar to better than Antero), with medium height, medium maturity, and very good straw strength. Snowmass 2.0’s stripe rust and WSMV resistance is very good.

Crescent AX (CO14A050) is a new CoAXium™ hard red winter wheat variety with two genes of tolerance to Aggressor™ herbicide. It is higher yielding, with improved quality compared to Incline AX.  Crescent AX has medium height, medium-early maturity with very good straw, and is intermediate for stripe and leaf rust resistance. It has good resistance to WSMV and good test weight, as well as good milling and baking quality.

Whistler (CO13D1783) is a hard red winter wheat with high yields, late maturity, medium-tall height, fair straw strength, and very good stripe and stem rust resistance.  It also has excellent WSMV and soilborne resistance, average test weight, and very good baking quality. Whistler needs PGR under 90-120 bushel yield environments.

Monarch (CO13D1383) is a non-exclusive open market hard white winter wheat variety with excellent straw, that is high yielding on dryland and excellent under irrigation. Monarch has very good stripe rust resistance and test weight, excellent soilborne resistance, and very low polyphenol oxidase (PPO) for reduced browning of baked goods.

Byrd CL Plus (CO13003C) is a hard red winter, two-gene Clearfield™ version of Byrd.  It is higher yielding than Brawl CL Plus, and agronomically similar to Byrd.

The publicly developed PlainsGold brand was introduced in 2012, yet its winter wheat varieties are some of the most well-known and innovative available today in the High Plains. The PlainsGold brand and varieties are owned by the farmer-governed Colorado Wheat Research Foundation. Royalties from the sale of PlainsGold seed support the public wheat breeding program at Colorado State University, which further enhances the funding provided by the wheat assessment paid by all Colorado wheat farmers.

Winter wheat farmers can find more information on PlainsGold, including a list of all seed growers, on, or by contacting the PlainsGold office toll-free at 1-800-WHEAT-10, or (970) 449-6994. Farmers can also send an email to


Madison AndersenPlainsGold Releases Six New Wheat Varieties

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