PlainsGold Hard White Winter Wheat

PlainsGold is a leader in developing high-yielding hard white winter wheat varieties that are good for millers and bakers. These hard white winter wheat varieties are sought-after in the U.S. and abroad to make whole grain food products with a look and texture similar to refined flour.

Often these varieties are in such high demand that they come with guaranteed premium pricing options. Breck, Snowmass, Sunshine and Thunder CL, for example, are all eligible for the CWRF Ardent Mills Ultragrain® Premium Program.

PlainsGold Monarch


Monarch is a non-exclusive open market hard white winter wheat variety with excellent straw, that is high yielding on dryland and excellent under irrigation.

PlainsGold Snowmass 2.0

Snowmass 2.0

Snowmass 2.0 is a new hard white winter wheat exclusive to Ardent Mills delivery with grain premiums. It has excellent milling and baking quality and very good test weight.

PlainsGold Breck

PlainsGold Breck

Released in 2017, Breck is a hard white variety that is included in the CWRF/Ardent Mills Ultragrain® Premium Program. In addition to excellent milling quality and very good baking quality,
Breck has low grain polyphenol oxidase (low PPO). Low PPO is a property desired by end users that reduces browning of baked goods, a benefit in whole grain applications. Breck also offers excellent yields, similar to Antero, with excellent test weight, excellent sprouting tolerance and resistance to Stripe Rust. Learn More

PlainsGold Antero

PlainsGold Antero

Antero is a yield-leading hard white winter wheat across the High Plains, including Colorado, Western Kansas and Western Nebraska. Antero exhibits good drought tolerance, very good test weight, and excellent stripe rust resistance. Learn More

PlainsGold Snowmass

Snowmass™ is PlainsGold’s leading hard white winter wheat variety and offers wheat farmers premium pricing through the CWRF / Ardent Mills Ultragrain® Premium Program. Snowmass™ combines good dryland yields and good test weights with excellent milling and baking characteristics that are so sought-after that Snowmass™ earns premium pricing. Snowmass™ showed industry leading Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus resistance in 2017. Learn More

PlainsGold Thunder CL

PlainsGold Thunder CL

Thunder CL is a single-gene Clearfield® hard white winter wheat variety that is tolerant to Beyond™ herbicide for broad-spectrum weed control, including problematic winter annual grassy weeds. In addition, Thunder CL combines high yields, good stress tolerance, excellent straw strength, good
test weights and superior milling and baking qualities. Thunder CL is also an excellent irrigated wheat variety that is eligible for the CWRF Ardent Mills Ultragrain Premium ProgramLearn More

PlainsGold Sunshine

PlainsGold Sunshine

Released in 2014, Sunshine is a high-yielding variety with very good milling and excellent baking quality. Sunshine is included in the CWRF Ardent Mills Ultragrain® Premium Program. Sunshine also has good drought tolerance and is well adapted for both dryland and irrigated production in the High Plains region. Learn More

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