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About PlainsGold Winter Wheat Varieties

As wheat breeding programs across the country become more advanced, wheat farmers have more and more options when it comes to planting certified wheat varieties. New varieties often offer increased yields combined with an array of characteristics to help farmers, like you, meet production goals.

PlainsGold varieties are no exception. We are releasing varieties at an increased rate giving High Plains farmers more options.

If you are looking for hard red winter wheat or hard white winter wheat varieties, PlainsGold has a number of certified wheat seed varieties to choose from. Plus, all of our varieties are backed with years of data from an industry leading trial system which carefully tracks yield and variety characteristics to help you make an educated decision.

All of the PlainsGold varieties have consistently performed well in the unique, and often difficult, wheat growing conditions prevalent across the High Plains region. Plus many of our varieties offer unique options like herbicide tolerance to help you control fields with annual grasses or premium programs that offer additional incentives for growing specific varieties.

Review the information here, then visit with one of our seed growers to see if there is a PlainsGold variety to help you reach your objectives.

Hard Red Winter Wheat

PlainsGold’s elite hard red winter wheat varieties combine impressive yields with drought tolerance, disease resistance and outstanding quality traits. PlainsGold varieties have dominated the market in Colorado for years and now these innovative new varieties are quickly reaching new markets across the High Plains states.

Don’t get left behind.

Learn more about PlainsGold’s hard red winter wheat varieties so you can find the variety that’s best for you.

Hard White Winter Wheat

PlainsGold is a leader in developing high-yielding hard white winter wheat varieties that are good for millers and bakers. These hard white winter wheat varieties are sought-after in the U.S and abroad to make whole grain food products with a look and texture similar to refined flour.

Premium Pricing

Often these varieties are in such high demand that they come with guaranteed premium pricing options. Snowmass and Thunder CL, for example, are both eligible for the CWRF Ardent Mills Ultragrain® Premium Program.

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