PlainsGold Varieties

About PlainsGold Winter Wheat Varieties

Colorado Wheat Research Foundation (CWRF) acknowledges you, the farmers, who have helped launch the PlainsGold® brand to prominence in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and other Western wheat growing states.

PlainsGold varieties are recognized for their unique combination of proven yields with sought-after production traits and quality characteristics. PlainsGold offers innovative new winter wheat varieties developed by one of the nation’s leading public wheat breeding and research programs. Each PlainsGold winter wheat variety is developed with the High Plains region in mind. Farmers can expect the highest standards, including:

  • Consistently high yields year to year.
  • Resistance to drought and prevalent disease problems.
  • High quality varieties with optional premium programs.
  • Winter annual grass control through the CoAXium® Wheat Production System and the Clearfield® Production System for Wheat.

Hard Red Winter Wheat

PlainsGold varieties combine consistent yields with high performance and strong agronomics, driven by the unique relationship between CWRF and one of the best public wheat breeding programs in the country.

Hard White Winter Wheat

PlainsGold hard white winter wheat varieties are sought-after in the U.S. and abroad to make whole grain food products with a look and texture similar to refined flour. Often these varieties are in such high demand that they come with guaranteed premium pricing options and are eligible for the CWRF/Ardent Mills UltraGrain® Premium Program.


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