Hard Red
Released in 2018, Canvas has proven to be a great performer under stress and in high moisture environments. Its straw strength and upright structure allow for higher populations with intensive management, without risking the frustration of falling over. Its disease resistance protects you from yield robbing fungal diseases and mite transmitted viruses, and its grain quality lands it on many grain buyer preferred lists. Canvas is widely adapted, performing well in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, to the panhandle of Nebraska. PVP Protected; to be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.


Drought Tolerance
Milling Quality
Baking Quality
Straw Strength
Test Weight

Rating Scale

Pest & Disease Profile

Wheat Streak Mosaic
Stripe Rust
Leaf Rust
Stem Rust

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Management Notes

  • Responds well to soils and field topography that have good water holding capacity
  • Can handle higher nutrition and populations under irrigation
  • Tolerates acidic soil conditions

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