Incline AX

Incline AX is the first wheat variety to be released as part of the CoAXium™ Wheat Production System, which combines a patented herbicide-tolerance trait (AXigen™), elite varieties, a new branded herbicide (Aggressor™) and a comprehensive industry stewardship package. Incline AX is tolerant to Aggressor™ , a Group 1 herbicide labelled for use in wheat to control grassy weeds including feral rye, downy brome and jointed goatgrass. Incline AX is a hard red winter wheat from Hatcher and Byrd parentage that yields similarly to Brawl CL Plus. It is awned, white-chaffed, two days later than Denali. Incline AX is primarily recommended for use where competition from grassy weeds will have a significant impact on yield if not adequately controlled.


Quick Facts about Incline AX

  • Class: Hard Red Winter
  • Yields: Good
  • Maturity: Medium
  • Height: Medium
  • Test Weight: Below Average
  • Baking Quality: Good
  • Milling Quality:  Acceptable
  • Stripe Rust: Intermediate
  • Leaf Rust: Moderately Susceptible
  • Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus:  Moderately Resistant 
Madison AndersenIncline AX