Hard Red
Released in 2018, Whistler is an attractive high yielding variety that is later maturing, with taller plant height. Whistler has proven exceptional against stripe rust, and stem rust, while providing solid resistance to WSMV and SBMV. Focus planting on dryland acres only, given this variety has marginal straw strength under high moisture. Considering its later maturity, plant in sequence with earlier maturing varieties to expand your harvest flexibility. PVP Protected; to be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed.


Drought Tolerance
Milling Quality
Baking Quality
Straw Strength
Test Weight

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Pest & Disease Profile

Wheat Streak Mosaic
Stripe Rust
Leaf Rust
Stem Rust

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Management Notes

  • Carries wheat curl mite resistance gene from Byrd parent
  • Plant seeds/acre and manage population with soil type (heavy soil, higher population, lighter soil, lower population)
  • Use a plant growth regulator in high yield environments

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