Hard Red
A true Dual Purpose hard red winter wheat that is winter hardy, late maturing, tall, awnless, and a delicious option for livestock feed. Compared to Willow Creek, Ray has similar forage yield and quality with a higher leaf-to-stem ratio, and superior grain yield. Compared to bread wheats, Ray has average to above average yield, good test weight and protein, very low PPO, and good milling and baking characteristics. A good option for grazing, hay, and haylage or harvesting for grain. Licensed by CWRF from Montana Agricultural Experiment Station. PVP Protected. Certified Seed Only, Sunsets June 30th, 2023 (Savable Harvest 2023).


Drought Tolerance
Milling Quality
Baking Quality
Straw Strength
Test Weight

Rating Scale

Management Notes

  • Harvest from late boot to milk stage to maximize tonnage and forage quality
  • Plant where sawfly pressure is highest to kill larvae when crimped or chopped
  • Use as a trap crop along field edges to capture sawfly

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