Byrd CL Plus

Hard Red
Released in 2018, Byrd CL Plus is a two-gene Clearfield® version of Byrd. It includes the same agronomic benefits you’ve come to expect from Byrd, including drought stress tolerance and yield response to moisture. It is slightly taller than Byrd, with better straw strength. PVP Protected, Certified Seed Only, no saved seed allowed. Stewardship Agreement required.


Drought Tolerance
Milling Quality
Baking Quality
Straw Strength
Test Weight

Rating Scale

Pest & Disease Profile

Wheat Streak Mosaic
Stripe Rust
Leaf Rust

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Management Notes

  • Use in a rotation with the CoAXium® Wheat Production System to manage weed resistance on the farm
  • 2-gene tolerance allows for addition of MSO to the tank mix
  • Ensure 4 days above freezing (night and day) around application of Beyond

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