PlainsGold to market new CoAXium® Variety

PlainsGold® plans to market Kivari AX in 2020, a new hard red winter wheat variety in the CoAXium® Wheat Production System.

Kivari AX will join Crescent AX in the PlainsGold® brand to offer wheat growers more options to control grassy weeds with Aggressor® herbicide.

“Kivari AX is the latest variety to come from our pipeline in the breeding program aimed at continuing yield and quality improvement,” said Dr. Scott Haley, CSU Wheat Breeder, whose team developed the variety. “Kivari AX maintains the very good baking quality offered by Crescent AX, while potentially delivering the higher yields that farmers are looking for.”

“Kivari AX is a little bit later in maturity than Crescent AX,” said Tyler Benninghoven, Seed and Trait Specialist for PlainsGold®. “It will allow growers to have some diversity on their farms in terms of their CoAXium acres.”

Kivari AX is named after the Kivari Number One mine that is located in Park County, Colorado. Like the PlainsGold varieties Incline AX and Crescent AX, it is named after mines that are part of Colorado’s rich history.

“The name for this variety was chosen by the CWRF Board of Directors based on a theme of naming CoAXium wheat varieties for Colorado mines,” said Brad Erker, Executive Director of the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation (CWRF). “We’re mining the genetics of the wheat plant for value, and in this case there is more value for farmers with a variety that yields well, and allows for better weed control than with a conventional variety.”

Kivari AX was developed by the Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program at Colorado State University (CSU) and is part of the CoAXium® Wheat Production System (WPS), a herbicide tolerance technology based the on the AXigen® trait, developed at CSU and owned by CWRF. CoAXium® WPS, marketed through a partnership between CWRF, Limagrain Cereal Seeds and Albaugh, LLC, provides control of winter annual grassy weeds such as feral rye, downy bromegrass and jointed goatgrass through the use of Aggressor® herbicides applied to varieties with tolerance to the herbicide.

Winter wheat farmers can find more information on PlainsGold®, including a list of all seed growers, on, or by contacting the PlainsGold® office toll-free at 1-800-WHEAT-10.