PlainsGold® Growers Place in 2022 National Wheat Yield Contest

The National Wheat Foundation recently released results of the 2022 National Wheat Yield Contest (NWYC). PlainsGold® is happy to announce 3 growers received first place in their state contest with PlainsGold® varieties.

The NWYC offers growers the opportunity to compete with farmers from across the United States and improve their production practices through new and innovative techniques. The contest recognizes winners in two primary competition categories: winter wheat and spring wheat, and two subcategories: dryland and irrigated.

The PlainsGold® growers include:

State – Colorado, Winter Wheat Dryland:  Mark Linnebur, First Place with Kivari AX (33.32 bu/acre)

State – Kansas, Winter Wheat Irrigated:  David Leonard, First Place with Langin (119.57 bu/acre)

State – New Mexico, Winter Wheat Irrigated:  Elden Harry, First Place with Canvas (163.22 bu/acre)

PlainsGold® would like to congratulate these growers on their success, especially after all of the challenges the past growing season presented. We hope for a better season in 2023 and encourage growers to enter the 2023 National Wheat Yield Contest. Growers that are interested in entering the contest should contact PlainsGold® Seed and Trait Specialist Tyler Benninghoven at 970-449-6994. PlainsGold® will cover the entry fees for the first ten growers.

The publicly developed PlainsGold® brand was introduced in 2012 and has some of the most well-known and innovative winter wheat varieties available today in the High Plains. The PlainsGold® brand and varieties are owned by the farmer-governed Colorado Wheat Research Foundation. Royalties from the sale of PlainsGold® seed support the public wheat breeding program at Colorado State University, which further enhances the funding provided by the wheat assessment paid by all Colorado wheat farmers.