PlainsGold Hatcher

With consistently high dryland yields and superior drought tolerance, Hatcher’s long-term stability has made it one of the most widely planted varieties in Colorado since 2001. Hatcher has an established reputation for recovering well from poor stands and has maintained an intermediate level of resistance to stripe rust since its release.


Quick Facts about Hatcher

  • Class: Hard Red Winter
  • Yields: High
  • Maturity: Medium
  • Height: Medium-Short
  • Straw Strength: Fair
  • Test Weight: Good
  • Quality: Very Good Milling and Baking
  • Coleoptile Length: Medium-Long
  • Drought Tolerance: Good
  • Shattering: Good
  • Stem Rust: Moderately Resistant
  • Stripe Rust: Moderately Resistant
  • Leaf Rust: Moderately Susceptible
  • RWA Resistance: Biotype 1
  • Wheat Streak Mosaic: Moderately Susceptible
Brad WarrenPlainsGold Hatcher