PlainsGold Avery

Avery is a doubled haploid-derived line from a cross between TAM 112 and Byrd.  Similar to Byrd in drought tolerance and other agronomic characteristics and with better water absorption.  Avery also resists the wheat curl mite which gives good resistance to Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus.  Slightly later heading may also aid in freeze avoidance at some locations.

Quick Facts about Avery

  • Class: Hard Red Winter
  • Yields: Very High
  • Maturity: Medium
  • Height: Medium Tall
  • Straw Strength: Average
  • Test Weight: Average
  • Quality: Very Good Milling and Baking
  • Coleoptile Length: Average
  • Drought Tolerance: Excellent
  • Shattering: Good
  • Stripe Rust: Moderately Susceptible
  • Leaf Rust: Moderately Susceptible
  • RWA Resistance: Susceptible
Breanna HadleyPlainsGold Avery