Snowmass Ardent Mills Program


Harvest 2016



CONTRACT:                      Written with Ardent Mills

WHEAT:                              Varieties: Snowmass from CERTIFIED seed only

PRICING:                            Grower premium of $0.80/bushel to apply


PRICE BASE:     #1 Hard Red Winter ordinary bid price basis the delivery point.  Hard Red Winter wheat can be applied at no premium to posted price.


CONTRACTING PERIOD:             August 01, 2015 through November 30, 2015

All grain must be delivered to designated delivery point below when called by delivery point or May 31, 2017, whichever is earlier.  All grain must be sold to delivery point no later than May 31, 2017.


DISCOUNT SCEDULE:  Designated delivery point’s HRW discount to apply at time of delivery, excluding protein.


PROTEIN SCALE:  +20 cents at 13.0 or better.



DELIVERY POINT (CIRCLE ONE); delivery point changes must be agreed upon in writing

Roggen Coop/Bennett               Flagler Coop/Flagler                     Peetz Coop/Peetz

Roggen Coop/Brush                  Flagler Coop/Arriba

Roggen Coop/Roggen               Flagler Coop/Hugo                       Grainland Coop/Amherst

Roggen Coop/Wildcat Dairy    Stratton Coop/Stratton               Grainland Coop/Haxtun

Roggen Coop/Pierce                  Stratton Coop/Burlington          Grainland Coop/Holyoke

Roggen Coop/Nunn                   Elkhart Coop/ Vilas

Anton Coop/Anton                    Elkhart Coop/Springfield            Ardent Mills/Denver



QUALITY DISCOUNTS:  Subject to designated delivery point’s HRW scales at time of delivery.


SNOWMASS WHEAT MUST BE IDENTITY PRESERVED: Contrasting Classes over 4.0% subject to forfeiture of all premiums.  Maximum Vomitoxin allowed 2.0 PPM    Wheat not sold prior to delivery, will be placed under an NPE contract at a rate equal to the receiving elevator’s storage rate.  Title of the wheat will transfer at time of delivery.  The producer/undersigned producer is responsible for filling out appropriate government forms prior to delivery to make sure their wheat will comply for loan deficiency payments.

Brad WarrenSnowmass Ardent Mills Program

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