PlainsGold Byrd

After its 2011 blockbuster debut, Byrd is now the top-ranked PlainsGold variety planted for the 2016 Colorado crop. Byrd is a yield leader among hard red winter wheat varieties, topping the CSU dryland (UVPT) and irrigated Variety Performance Trials (IVPT) for three years in a row. Byrd also shows excellent drought tolerance, good test weight, moderate stripe rust resistance, and superior end-use quality.

Quick Facts about Byrd

  • Class: Hard Red Winter
  • Yields: High Dryland and Irrigated
  • Maturity: Medium
  • Height: Medium
  • Straw Strength: Average
  • Test Weight: Good
  • Quality: Excellent Milling and Baking
  • Coleoptile Length: Medium-Long
  • Drought Tolerance: Excellent
  • Shattering: Good
  • Stem Rust: Moderately Susceptible
  • Stripe Rust: Moderately Susceptible
  • Leaf Rust: Moderately Susceptible
  • RWA Resistance: Susceptible
Brad WarrenPlainsGold Byrd